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Passive House standards or traditional timber framed buildings, we can help realise your dream home.


Passivhaus Homes have won the prestigious Sustainable Built Environment category Ashden Award 2020 which celebrates their commitment to helping people build low carbon homes. South Downs Eco Homes are proud to be featured as PH Homes’ ambassador and be a part of climate change.


South Downs Eco Homes is passionate about building high quality and environmentally friendly homes. We can offer a full service from start to finish or to suit your project requirements.


Passive House

A Passivhaus building is designed to be very comfortable and healthy, and to use vastly less energy than conventional buildings, irrespective of the climate. This is achieved by careful design informed by building physics and, crucially, by thoughtful and careful construction by a properly skilled and motivated team.

Key benefits

> Exceptionally airtight

> Excellent thermal performance

> Effective ventilation

> Ultra low energy consumption

> Off site construction

Need more information?

This YouTube video explains the five principle building techniques used in building a Passive House.


South Downs Eco Homes is managed by Nigel Bowley who has extensive experience in self-build projects. A carpenter by trade, this fits in well with building timber framed homes, whether to the Passive House standards or traditional timber frame construction. 


We are currently finishing off a large Passive House on the South Downs.


This building project is using the PH15 system, the design was created by


PH15 is a Passivhaus suitable construction solution. PH15 delivers airtight and thermal bridge free houses using simple, UK friendly, construction details. The PH15 approach ensures an appropriate level of specification, at a fair price, with robust details. 
The PH15 System is flexible enough to enable bespoke designs and to meet the many and varied planning requirements in the UK. It comprises all the component parts needed to create a weather tight, airtight shell (walls and roofs), alongside the glazing package and ventilation system.

The PH15 System uses natural, low carbon materials, including an off-site, pre-cut timber frame. The PH15 timber frame is ‘vapour permeable’, this means moisture within walls and roofs can escape to the external air; maintaining vapour permeability is critical when working with natural materials. PH15 is supported with training modules for the erection team.

More details

There is an interesting article on the House Planning Help website with Nigel and the client Ajay Boardman, sharing their experiences of working together on the self-build project. This has a lot of information on the project and even a podcast version of the interview.


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